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Please select your equatorial mount to order and provide the equatorial mount pictures  !!!

Deep optimization and development of the studio:

1. Provide adaptive operation software, which can be used for DIY focusing control, drift method for polar axis, target GOTO, etc. (algorithm encryption verification has been done, and only MeowAstro GOTO is available);

2. Fast gate is provided to support nina to control the d5100 long exposure. Now, when placing an order, a shutter cable suitable for Nikon D5100 will be presented as a gift;

3. Four 5521 interface DC power supply ports are provided, which can support 12V3A at most. The testing machine has been pressure tested and operates stably under 30W+load;

4. Bluetooth and WIFI antennas are combined to provide multi-channel management;

5. Provide blue indicator control switch;

6. Buffer carrying bag is provided to protect the machine and prevent you from rolling over on wild roads and other unpleasant experiences;

7. A full set of assembly and debugging tutorial videos are provided, which can be used as a guide light for beginners.