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  • WD-17 Harmonic Mount

Name:WD-17 Harmonic Mount


WarpAstron released the WARPSPEEDDriveWD-17S in December 2022, which uses a servo motor direct drive. The WD-17S relies on server direct drive technology to achieve an average guidance accuracy of 0.3~05RMS at a full weight of only 3.8kg of the equatorial instrument (supporting Lsmandy wide orbit and Vixen narrow orbit).

The WD-17S adopts harmonics of type 14 and type 17 as reducers for the red weft axis and the warp axis, respectively. The main structure of the shape achieves a compact layout of the servo motor direct drive structure, while the wall thickness of up to 1cmm ensures the high strength of the overall structure. Relying on the high torque input of the servo motor, the WD-17S can operate a weight free load of 15kg at a distance of 25cm from the right ascension axis.

The WD-17S adopts the direct drive mode of servo motor, which has higher transmission efficiency than the harmonic equator instrument with Timing belt or planetary wheel auxiliary reduction mechanism.

The advantage of high response speed brought by the same server motor solves the difficulty of harmonic equatorial instruments being plagued by periodic errors. Whether the periodic error of the harmonic reducer itself is 10 arcseconds or as high as 30 arcseconds or above, the curvature driven servo direct drive technology can ensure the same excellent guidance accuracy.

Type: German equatorial/theodolite

Reducer: RA: 17-100 DEC: 14-100

Transmission method: motor shaft direct drive harmonic

Load: 15kg (no weight) 20 kg (weight)

Weight: 3.7kg (including dovetail groove)

Material: AL6061, Steel, Brass, Plastic

Surface treatment: anodizing, blackening, rust prevention

Motor: high-precision low cogging torque servo motor

Brake protection: RA axis electromagnetic brake

Adjusting Fan Guo: ALT: 0-90 ° AZ:+/-8 °

Control system: onstep

Handle: Intelligent wireless remote control (Lidian)

Communication protocol: ASCOM/NDILX 200

Communication interface: USBType-C

Guide Star Interface: ST4 (USB Type-c)

Wireless interface: Bluetooth WIFI

Power supply: 12V 5A5.5 * 21MM

Power: standby: 0.3A GOTO: 1-2A

Protection: surge protection&overcurrent protection