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  • T150-750EQ-PAO reflecting Newton paraboloid telescope

Name:T150-750EQ-PAO reflecting Newton paraboloid telescope


Skyoptikst 150/750 Reflectr Newtonian Paraboloic telescope

Product details:


Adapter diameter:Standard 1.25 ″ inch
Primary Mirror Diameter:150mm(6'')
Focal length: 750mm
Eyepiece: PL25mm  PL6.3mm
Unit weight:16kg
Barlow lens: 2x
Finder Scope: 6x30
Tripod: Telescopic aluminum alloy maximum height 135cm
Lens coating:Fully multi-coated
Telescope type: Reflector Newtonian

Package description:
1 x Astronomical Telescope
1 x PL25mm Eyepiece
1 x PL6.3mm Eyepiece
1 x Barlow Lens
1 x Finder scope
1 x Equatorial Tripod
1 x Moon filter
1 x Solar filter(Please watch the sun under the guidance of professionals!!!!!!!)