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  • 15276EDOTA telescope

Name:15276EDOTA telescope


OTA refraction main mirror 152 large mouth achromatic high-power star viewing photography

Product Description:
Name: ota152-760 refraction telescope
Optical system: achromatic refractor
Caliber: 152mm
Focal length: 760mm
Focal ratio: F5
Coating: multilayer antireflective film
Extreme magnitude: 12.68
Resolution: 0.79 arcsec
Condensing force: 472 times
Net weight: about 10.26kg
Interface: 2 inch / 1.25 inch
interfacePurpose: astronomy / OTA main
lens barrelSize: 1280x260x310mm

PS: the product does not include equatorial instrument, tripod, eyepiece, zenith mirror and other relevant telescope accessories, only the main lens barrel

Packing instructions:
1 ota152-760 refraction astronomical primary mirror1 dust cover1 packing box