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  • EXOS-2-GOTO-1.5 '' equatorial instrument

Name:EXOS-2-GOTO-1.5 '' equatorial instrument


EXOS-2 GOTO automatic finder equatorial mount, 1.5 inch steel tripod, with standard German equatorial mount

Product parameters:

Net weight: 20kg
bearing weight:13kg
Total height: 1.6m
Packing length: 1m
Number of turbine teeth: 144
Number of bearings: 8
Polar mirror: dark-field illumination north and south hemisphere scale calculation polar mirror
RA/DEC drive: 12v DC servo motor with rotary encoder
Control system: BRESSER GOTO SYSTEM EXOS EQ v2.3
System data: 270,000 celestial body data, support custom target setting, support mid-sky over-the-top alarm, equatorial mount transmission gap correction
Guide star interface: compatible with ST-4 standard
Support platform: ASCOM
Support software: ACP; APT; AST / ATC & Ricerca (Omega Lab); AstroArt; AstroMB; Cartes du Ciel / Sky Chart; CCD AutoPilot; DeepSky; Deepsky Planner; DFM Engineering; Earth Centered Universe Pro; EasySky; Eye and Telescope; Project Pluto; Hallo Northern Sky; Maxim DL; MaxPoint; PinPoint Astrometric; Prism; Sequence Generator Pro; Sidereal Technology; The Sky; SkyMap Software; SkyTools 3; Star Atlas PRO; Sky Observer; StarryNight; Stellarium; Virtual Moon Atlas.
Power supply standard: 12v2A
Scope of application: deep space observation, deep space photography, planetary observation, planetary photography, moon and sun photography